Disney Halloween Wallpapers and Pictures

Boo! Sorry, didn't mean to scare y'all. Halloween is coming soon so this article will be just about that. You'll find Disney Halloween Wallpapers and Pictures so you can get into that special Halloween spirit sooner. Disneyland is preparing some awesome Halloween themed parties and events, so make sure you check out the website here: Halloween Time. You'll get to know the Disney villains, explore creepy castels and the Haunted Mansion. You probably won't want to miss the Pumpkin Festival either ... so buy your tickets now.

Below you'll find some images from DisneyLand, wallpapers and cool Halloween backgrounds. If you're looking for costumes, I'll soon have an article on that also. Enjoy!

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Cinderella Halloween Disney
Cinderella Halloween Charriot

Creepy Disney Wallpaper
Disney Creepy Halloween

Disney Halloween Wallpaper
Disney Halloween Picture

Disney Witch Halloween
Disney Witch on Halloween

Pumpkin Festival - DisneyLand Halloween

Pooh Disney Halloween
Disney Halloween Wallpaper

Disney Princess Halloween
Disney Princess Halloween

Tinkerbell Halloween Wallpaper
Tinkerbell Halloween Wallpaper

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Spookster said...

Disney Halloween 2013 is coming :)! Great pictures! Thanks a lot! Can't wait to trick-or-treat.

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