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Disney Christmas Pictures and Wallpapers - It's almost Christmas again and we can already smell the holiday spirit in the air ! It's that time of year when everyone is eagerly waiting for Christmas Eve, it's the time of presents, joy and happiness. We thought to give you an early Disney Christmas present and share a few awesome Disney Christmas Pictures and Wallpapers.

You can check out the gallery below and share your thoughts, suggestions or a message to Santa in the comment section ! Happy Holidays !

Disney Christmas Wallpapers Disney Holiday Pictures Disney Cool Christmas Photos

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Christmas Disney Pictures Disney Pictures for Christmas Disney Christmas Computer Wallpapers


Winnie The Pooh Pictures Movie 2011


Winnie The Pooh Pictures 2011 Movie - and his friends are back on the big screen, presenting more exciting adventures and character features. The movie is inspired by five stories from A.A. Milne’s books and it will hit the cinemas on April 15, 2011. You will be able to see again the cute and funny Pooh Bear, but also his many friends such as Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet, Kanga, Roo and Eeyore. The story of the Winnie The Pooh movie 2011 is centered around the quest of saving Christopher Robin from an imaginary culprit. Of course Pooh Bear has his mind more on the quest of finding honey. If you want to see some pictures that reveal some scenes from the animated Winnie The Pooh movie 2011 then check out the images below. You can also add these pictures to your Winnie The Pooh and friends collection. Don’t hesitate to save the pictures below on your computer or share them with your friends if you are Winnie The Pooh fans. Click on the pictures to see them larger.

Winnie the pooh pictures 2011 Images with Winnie the pooh winnie the poog pictures

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Winnie the pooh movie Pooh pictures disney Winnie the Pooh Disney movie


Tangled Wallpapers Rapunzel Pictures


Tangled Wallpapers and Rapunzel Pictures - Tangled is the perfect movie for all little princesses out there. Disney managed to bring back to life the story of Rapunzel, the princess with long and enchanted and blond hair ... and long. The movie will present surprisingly funny moments and characters, amazing landscapes and lots of blond hair locks ofcourse. Just like Shrek, this movie will have many hilarious moments and adventurous scenes so if you liked the trailer or saw the movie and became a fan, then don’t hesitate to make a collection of Wallpapers with Tangled characters and scenes.

If Rapunzel is now your favorite princess then you can save the pictures below on your computer for free. Rapunzel seems to bee more adventurous than the other Disney princesses and much more fun, show these images to your friends and tell them about Rapunzel. Click the wallpapers with Rapunzel from Tangled if you want to see them enlarged.

Tangled Princess Wallpapers Tangled Wallpapers Rapunzel Pictures

Wallpapers with Rapunzel Beautiful Tangled Wallpapers

Rapunzel pictures Pictures from Tangled

Chameleon Tangled Disney Tangled Wallpaper