How to draw Tinkerbell step by step tutorial

If you landed on the "How to draw Tinkerbell" page, you probably already know who Tinkerbell is and chances are you're a big fan of Disney fairies and Pixie Hollow. Tinker Bell is a fairy, and is the symbol of the magic of Disney! She is a young, blonde haired fairy, with big blue eyes.
She's wearing a green dress and has a wand. Fairies can't fly in the rain, so fairy dust might come in handy! Sparkling fairy dust on others enables them to fly in the rain. Her hourglass waist, big blue eyes, green dress and wand make her an easy to draw Disney character, so why not try it yourself?

To learn how to draw Tinkerbell all you need is pen and paper and a little bit of patience! Watch the video below and follow each instruction step by step. You'll be able to draw Tinkerbell in no time!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! thanks a lot! I had no idea how to draw tinkerbell and this tutorial really helped me. I can show my drawing skills to my friends :).

Anonymous said...

followed it step by step. my tinkerbell looks ... OK! haha! Thanks!

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