Pluto Disney Wallpapers and Pictures

Cute Disney Wallpapers and Pictures of Pluto the Pup !

Most of the time Pluto was presented as being Mickey Mouses's pet dog, as you will notice in some of the Pluto pictures from the gallery. The odd thing about Pluto as a Disney character is that he has no human traits like most of Disney's creations (unlike Goofy, for example, who has human characteristics). Pluto is also a VIP member of the Mickey Mouse Club. Pluto debuted in "The Chain Gang", released on August 18, 1930. His first name was Rover, and was renamed as Pluto the Pup only in "The Moose Hunt" in 1931. Check out these cool Pluto Wallpapers and pictures. Have fun using them as backgrounds, on your phone or anywhere you like.

Pluto Pictures and Wallpapers gallery :

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pluto desktop wallpaper pluto and friends picture pluto disney

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