Ella is here! Cinderella Disney Coloring Pages

Hi! Below you'll find a few awesome Ella Cinderella Coloring Pages!

In March 2015 Disney released a new movie called "Cinderella", a story about a young girl called Ella who finds herself at the mercy of her cruel stepmother. But don't worry ... her fortunes are about to change pretty soon!

Check out the movie and write your reviews in the comments below! :)

Cinderella colouring page

Cinderella and her prince

Also check out the entire post, color the pages and post the final picture in a comment! ;)

Cinderella drawing

Cinderella black and white

Cinderella colouring pages

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Ella Best Disney Princess said...

Well this is my favorite princess from Disney, hands down. I can't really understand why the movie is not so popular as other Disney Princess movies, but for me, it's number one. I have hair like her <3!

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