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Tangled Wallpapers and Rapunzel Pictures - Tangled is the perfect movie for all little princesses out there. Disney managed to bring back to life the story of Rapunzel, the princess with long and enchanted and blond hair ... and long. The movie will present surprisingly funny moments and characters, amazing landscapes and lots of blond hair locks ofcourse. Just like Shrek, this movie will have many hilarious moments and adventurous scenes so if you liked the trailer or saw the movie and became a fan, then don’t hesitate to make a collection of Wallpapers with Tangled characters and scenes.

If Rapunzel is now your favorite princess then you can save the pictures below on your computer for free. Rapunzel seems to bee more adventurous than the other Disney princesses and much more fun, show these images to your friends and tell them about Rapunzel. Click the wallpapers with Rapunzel from Tangled if you want to see them enlarged.

Tangled Princess Wallpapers Tangled Wallpapers Rapunzel Pictures

Wallpapers with Rapunzel Beautiful Tangled Wallpapers

Rapunzel pictures Pictures from Tangled

Chameleon Tangled Disney Tangled Wallpaper

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Anonymous said...

Wow. She is my fav Disney character. i want to be like her one day. I have long blonde hair exactly like Rapunzel :).

Anonymous said...

i have long blonde hair also but my favorite Disney character is Ella!

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