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Tinkerbell is a fairy, a fictional character also known as a symbol of "the magic of Disney". Tinkerbell is a young, blonde haired and blue eyed fairy. She is dressed in a short green dress, and green slippers. Like all fairies, she is trailed by pixie dust when she flies around. She starred in Peter Pan movies and other Disney cartoons, such as Chip 'n Dale, and many Disney comics. Pixie Hollow is the home of Tinkerbell and her friends. Disney also released a multiplayer game with this name where anyone can register and join Tinkerbell and her friends in their magical world ! This is a list with some of Tinkerbell's friends. Also don't forget to check out the Tinkerbell and friends pictures gallery ! Surf this site for more cool Disney fairies and other Disney cool stuff !
Iridessa – A Light Fairy
Fawn – An Animal Fairy
Rosetta – A Garden Fairy
Silvermist – A Water Fairy
Terence – A Pixie Dust Fairy
Fairy Gary – Head of the Pixie Distribution Center
Clank & Bobble – Tinker Fairies
Viola – A Summoning Fairy
Lyria – A Storytelling Fairy
Blaze – A Young Firefly

tinkerbell pixiehollow tinkerbell silvermist tinkerbell iridessa tinkerbell rosetta tinkerbell fawn

tinkerbell and friends pictures tinkerbell and friends

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your posts about Tinkerbell and her friends :-). I checked out the drawing tutorials also and I started drawing her. I'll let you know how that turned out.

princess89 said...

Pretty cool pictures. I finally found out the names of Tinkerbell's friends. Took me a while till I found them. love your site.

Anonymous said...

Love these pics! Tinkerbell is my favorite Disney character and she's aaaaawesome!

phonewallz said...

Well WOW. Downloaded this from your website and for my phone at least, these are amazing wallpapers. I saved them all to my mobile. Please upload more!

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